"A necessary telling of so many of our lives." Tillie Olsen


When a factory worker's baby dies because there are no health benefits at the textile mill where she works, Cora's co-workers decide to strike. Set in the factory town of Victory, North Carolina in the 1970's, Folly records the winning of the strike, and, at the same time, decribes the inner lives of the strike leaders, Folly and Martha, and of all the women and children who depend on the factory for their livelihood. It is an optimistic, witty and dramatic book, rare in depicting black and white women working as peers together and rare in its portrayal of the love that develops between Folly and Martha.

An absorbing tale of rebirth, redemption, and finally finding the way back home
A book about work and passion and the way the women come together to break out of their oppressive circumstances and achieve victory.
This is Francie's story. Francie weaves a new life for herself by untying the knots that have kept her in bondage: a childhood terrorized by an alcoholic father and a secret of violence shared with her mother.
A daily companion for women as they navigate the midlife passage
A collection of affirmations and thoughtful meditations which bring the experience of sexual abuse into the light where hope resides, making change and healing possible. Now available as an ebook!