Give Me Your Good Ear

Three generations of women-grandmother, mother, and daughter-share a literal hearing impairment, perhaps inherited. Or perhaps a figurative deafness is being passed down, a silence that comes from words not spoken, questions not confronted, relationships not named.
Alice Walker said of it: "The writing is so good, I heard it all."
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An absorbing tale of rebirth, redemption, and finally finding the way back home
A book about work and passion and the way the women come together to break out of their oppressive circumstances and achieve victory.
This is Francie's story. Francie weaves a new life for herself by untying the knots that have kept her in bondage: a childhood terrorized by an alcoholic father and a secret of violence shared with her mother.
A daily companion for women as they navigate the midlife passage
A collection of affirmations and thoughtful meditations which bring the experience of sexual abuse into the light where hope resides, making change and healing possible. Now available as an ebook!