Maureen Brady

Il Chiostro, June, 2011

New York Writers Workshop at St Marks Place: Writing Intensive, April 2, 2017, 3-6 $75
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Are you being held back by a voice that tries to tell you not to start until you have the perfect first sentence, know the end of your story, or fully understand the motives of your characters? This workshop will springboard you into your story with a series of writing exercises designed to pull out the bare bones of your narrative and bring your characters to life.

NYU Saturday Intensive: 10AM-4PM on April 22
Character Development in Fiction

Peripatetic Writing Workshop in Deal, Kent, England: July 14-21, 2017

Anna Maria Island, Florida, January 4-11, 2014!

Finding and Developing Your Stories

Bring your imagination as well as your stories- those already drafted and those still floating around in your head.

This workshop accommodates all levels of experience and is structured to meet the needs of each of its participants. Daily workshops feature:
*Writing exercises designed to bring out work waiting to be written and to develop your characters, plots and settings
*Sensitive, yet rigorous critique of your work
*Local side trips to nurture writing and the imagination
*Readings by students and faculty
*Lots of fun and camaraderie
Optional tutorial on up to 50 double-spaced pages mailed to Maureen by December 15, 2013 for $75 for full details.

Maureen's uncanny ear protected my voice while guiding me to open new paths for my fiction. The Peripatetic is a Four Star Experience: Brilliant food, sympathetic company, inspiring surroundings and excellent literary advice.
Louise Farmer Smith, One Hundred Years of Marriage.

Fall, 2013
Online Fiction Tutorial, NYU SCPS
Sept 24--Dec. 4
5 individual sessions in NYU Live Classroom
Feedback provided on up to 150 manuscript pages



Maureen Brady is the author of the novels Ginger's Fire , Folly, and Give Me Your Good Ear, the short stories, The Question She Put to Herself, and three books of nonfiction. Her short story, "Basketball Fever" won the Saints and Sinners award for 2015 and was published in the Saints and Sinners Anthology. Other recent short stories "Billy's Mark" appeared in the Bellevue Literary Review; "Five 'n Dime" in the anthology, Just Like a Girl: A Manifesta; and "Joy Suit," in Sinister Wisdom (nominated for a 2012 Pushcart Prize). Other work has appeared in Cabbage and Bones: Irish American Women's Fiction, Mom, In the Family and Intersections: An Anthology of Banff Writers, as well as many other anthologies and literary journals. She teaches creative writing at New York University, The New York Writers Workshop at The Jewish Community Center of Manhattan, The Peripatetic Writing Workshops in Guatemala, Anna Maria Island, Florida, and Woodstock, New York. She currently serves as Board President of The Money for Women:Barbara Deming Memorial Fund and was a co-founder of Spinsters Ink and The New York Writers Workshop. She lives in New York City and the Catskills is at work on a collection of short stories. Her latest novel, Getaway, is available for submission by her agent.

Daybreak: Meditations for Women Survivors of Sexual Abuse, which has sold over 45000 copies to date, was released May, 2013 by Hazelden as an ebook.

Freelance Editor

In addition to teaching a fiction tutorial course at NYU, Maureen offers inspiring individual editing and mentoring services to writers in various stages of development. Working with both fiction and nonfiction, she takes writers to the next step, with sensitive but rigorous critique, and publishing advice when the manuscript is ready.

"Maureen Brady provides an environment that is equal parts nurturing and challenging. Her attention to detail, five-star copy editing, and genuine enthusiasm for the written word have me coming back to her workshops year after year. Without her involvement, I doubt I would be awaiting publication in 2012!"
Janet Goss, Perfect on Paper, New American Library, 2012

Other writers she has worked with who have gone on to successful publication include:

Arnine Weiss, She Ain't Heavy, Academy Chicago Press, Summer, 2013

Helen Wan, The Partner Track, St. Martin's Press, September, 2013

C.E. Smith, Body Electric,Shakespeare and Company, Winner of the 2013 Paris Literary Prize, June, 2013

Debotri Dhar, Postcards from Oxford: Stories of Woman and Travel, Roman Books, 2013

Jonathan Freiberger, "Pinksy Gets It Right," winner of Glimmertrain Emerging Writers Contest, Winter, 2012

Janet Goss, Perfect on Paper, New American Library, 2012

Susan Breen, The Writing Class, Plume, Spring, 2008.

Aaron Hamburger, Faith For Beginners, Random House, Fall, 2005, winner of The Prix Rome, 2005, for his short story collection, The View From Stalin's Head

Marion Cuba, Shanghai Legacy, Celadon Books, Spring 2006

Michael Gray, winner of 2004 Alligator Juniper Fiction Prize for short story

Louise Farmer Smith, winner of 2006 Glimmertrain Award for Emerging Writers for short story written at Tuscany workshop

Danielle Ofri, Singular Identities:Becoming a Doctor at Bellevue, Beacon Press

Caroline Hwang, In Full Bloom

Laura Kaplan, The Story of Jane

Paula Martinac, Out Of Time

"Maureen knows exactly what to say to tweak a weak narrative. Her comments honed in on the problem I was having with structure and improved not only my fiction but my confidence as well!"
Laurie Silver

For further information, contact Maureen at her email: meb4444@​

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” Anais Nin
An excerpt from my memoir including the introduction and first 2 chapters. "Joy Suit," Sinister Wisdom Humor Issue, March, 2012, nominated for a 2012 Pushcart Prize............................................................ "Five 'n Dime," Just Like a Girl: A Manifesta, 2009
An absorbing tale of rebirth, redemption, and finally finding the way back home
A book about work and passion and the way the women come together to break out of their oppressive circumstances and achieve victory.
This is Francie's story. Francie weaves a new life for herself by untying the knots that have kept her in bondage: a childhood terrorized by an alcoholic father and a secret of violence shared with her mother.
A daily companion for women as they navigate the midlife passage
A collection of affirmations and thoughtful meditations which bring the experience of sexual abuse into the light where hope resides, making change and healing possible. Now available as an ebook!